A Little About Me

IMG_6542hkjbkjbHello there!

I’m The Boozy Cook, below are a few things about me. I hope you enjoy my site and I don’t come off like a complete wanker.

I try to mainly eat healthy, I loosely follow the paleo diet for majority of my meals (but I just can’t live without pasta, cheese and potato)- hence the word loosely.

I created this website as as I love experimenting in the kitchen. I sous-vide, make my own cheese, healthy condiments and slow cook in the oven (slow cooking is my jam! I have also made jam). My true love is to do this while drinking!

You’ll find a load of recipes both for food and alcohol, and insight into all things cooking and drinking.

Alcohol is pretty amazing. It not only tastes delicious but it is also phenomenal when added to food. Spending all Saturday in the kitchen while slowly polishing off a bottle of wine, is my idea of heaven. I clearly don’t have kids right now!

I’m female and currently 32 – I wrote this in 2017 and I doubt I’ll ever update it, so feel free to do your own calculations.

I’m a Primary School Teacher, which I really love. I teach Performing Arts,  so keep that in mind if you see any grammatical errors! I’m blissfully married and have two cats and a dog.

Cooking – pretty fucking obvious
Reading – though I don’t get to do this as much as I would like
TV Shows – Can you include watching as a hobby? If so, I excel at this
Harry Potter – nerd
Drinking- I really wanted to put drinking first, but I’ve been told that I shouldn’t boast about how good I am at this.

I hope you enjoy my photos of food, booze, random posts and recipes.

  • I like to swear, so apologies in advance if you do not participate the art of the swear word.