Simple and Delicious Tzatziki

This is my go to recipe when people come over unexpectedly (which I really really hate). It’s quick to make, not full of shit like store bought recipes, and most people have the very simple ingredients int heir fridge at all time.

Greek yoghurt – 6 large Tablespoons
Cucumber – 1 large
Lemon – 1 -2
Garlic Cloves – 1 – 3 minced

Put as much Greek yoghurt as you need into a bowl. You’ll need to add more of each ingredient if you are cooking for a large party.

Your only going to use the outer layer of the cucumber, not the seeds. If you keep the middle seeded part of the cucumber in with your Greek yoghurt it goes watery. Cut up the outer layer into small cubes (I like mine slightly bigger for a big crunch) and pop into the yoghurt.

Add your fresh (don’t used minced from the jar, it’s not the same in this recipe) minced garlic cloves one at a time ( again I like mine very garlicy, so I always add two- three cloves, one may be enough for you!)

Add in your lemon juice, tasting as you go. I normally add one whole lemon, you may wish for more or less.

Stir and serve!



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