Individual Beef Wellingtons

These little tasty morsels are the bomb!

Not only do they look super impressive, but they are ridiculously easy to make. I must admit though, I’m still getting used to working out my oven temps with these bad boys.

I overcooked the first ones I made, the eye fillet was medium to well, rather than the medium to rare I normally eat. I’m getting there with this recipe but keep in mind how your oven works, and it might be worth getting a thermometer to stick into the middle!


Eye Fillet Steak – 2
Flat Cap Mushrooms – 2
Hot English Mustard
Shaved Ham – 8 slices
Puff Pastry – 2 sheets
Egg – 1
Salt and Pepper

Season your meat with salt and pepper. Get your pan really hot and seal your meat on ALL sides, don’t leave it on for too long, you just want to seal in the juices.

Once this is done, cover your eye fillet with the mustard and leave to the side. Cut your mushrooms up very small and season with salt and pepper. Get them into a hot pan and sweat out all the water from the mushrooms. You want a paste like consistency but no water inside the pan (about 5 – 7mins)

Cut two pieces of cling wrap and place your ham in the middle slightly layering the 4 pieces so it will cover the steak.

Cover your steak with the mushroom mix and put your steak in the middle of the ham and use the cling wrap to roll the ham up the side of the steak. Roll the steak over so the ham completely covers it. Wrap the cling wrap up so it makes a log shape with your steak in the middle. Refrigerate for half an hour minimum.

Get your puff pastry sheets and unwrap your log. Put the steak/ham log in the middle of the pastry. Cut you pastry sheet in half. Use one half of the pastry sheet for the bottom and the other half for top off the wellington. Cut anyway excess pastry from the sides and fold up in any pattern you want. I like to pinch the sides together.

Put back in the fridge for another half an hour.

Pre – Heat your oven to 220 Celsius (428 F).

IMG_8499Once your time is up, get that bad boy out of the fridge and cover with an egg wash. Pop in the oven. Check your temp of the meat. Your meat should be sitting at about 50 degrees for a medium-rare streak.

Once your happy with your internal temp and the pastry is getting golden take it out the oven and serve.


– Disclaimer – I’m still working on getting my pastry perfectly golden and keeping my steak medium rare. Next step is grilling the top of the pastry to see if the colour comes out a bit better. Will keep you informed.

– Serve with a glass of red wine (or 5)

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