Sous – Vide Duck Bone Broth Ramem Noodles

Delicious and healthy! You can swap out the Singapore egg noodles for Soda or Udon noodles for extra nutrition. I don’t eat egg (which sucks as I never really enjoy breakfast, except if we have vodka orange juice, then i’m all for breakfast out) most people have a poached egg on top of their raman. I just don’t see the need. Enjoy!

Ingredients: This is enough to make two ramens (double if you need to make more)

Duck – 2 legs ( My duck was pretty big and I really cut all the meat off the bone)Singapore noodles – 1 packetBone Broth – Enough to just coat under your noodlesNori (seaweed) – 2 sheetsBok Choy – 2 bunchesSweet Chili Sauce – 1 TablespoonSalt and Pepper


I had my sous – vide on 55 Celsius (131 F) for 3 to 6 hours. I like my duck medium rare, if you like it medium 60 Celsius (140 F) for 3 to 6 hours. I quickly browned the skin of my  duck first and then added salt and pepper to my bag and vacuum sealed on the moist setting. I put it in the sous-vide for 5 hours.

When it was ready, I browned the skin again and the sliced off all the meat. I put the bok choy in the same pan I used for the duck and let it wilt for 30 seconds! It doesn’t need long.

Then time to assemblee.  The egg noodles I used only needed to be heated, so i put them into hot water for a minute broke apart then popped them in the bowl.

Add your noodles, then pre cooked duck broth (or bought) with a bit of salt and pepper, wilted bok choy, a nori sheet (cut in half and folded over) leave the top of the nori sheet sticking out the bowl, as it goes soggy the minute it touches the water. Then top with your duck and sweet chili! Super quick to prep and really delicious! I hope you enjoy it!




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