The Best Rich and Authentic Napolitana Sauce (If I Do Say So Myself, If I Do Say So Myself)

This sauce is amazing and has taken a lot of time to make it perfect but I think I can safely say…. I’ve done it!
To quote Jay-Z –  “If I do say so myself, if I do say so myself”
I’ve been trying to recreate this amazing Napoli sauce I had over in Italy and this is it baby!

Everyone I’ve made it for has asked for the recipe, or taken some home with them that night to have it for dinner the next day. So unless my friends and family are lying assholes. I think it’s a winner.

Everything is fresh and roasted in this recipe, which I believes gives it a rich authentic taste.

Vine Tomatoes – 15 cut in half
Garlic – 7 cloves
Capsicums – 2 whole capsicums
Diced Onions – 2
Olive Oil Beef Stock – 2 cups
Red Wine – 2 cups (pour yourself a glass as you begin this recipe)
Fresh: Basil leaves, Oregano, Chives and Chili
Salt and Pepper
Rind of Parmesan (optional)


Pre- hIMG_7340eat your oven to 180 Degrees Celsius. Cut your tomatoes in half and place on a large baking tray, flesh side up, keeping the vines attached (this gives it a more robust taste).

Wrap your capsicum in foil and place on the tray with your tomatoes. Also add your cloves of garlic to the tray. Drizzle with olive oil and leave in the oven for about 20mins or until they start to blister and pop open. (This was my little second tray, fill your tray with the tomatoes)

Cover the bottom of a large pot (you will be adding the tomatoes to this pot) with olive oil and add your diced your onion and brown your onions in a medium heated pan.

After about 15 minutes, open the foil to reveal your capsicum. Keep the bottom of the capsicum in the foil to keep the liquid inside. This is tasty gold!

Here you need to add all the flesh from the tray either into a blender/processor or the pot if you have a hand held mixer/soup attachment.

IMG_7303When everything is cooked and cool enough to handle. Take your tomatoes off the vine and add them to your onions. Add the capsicum juice and flesh, making sure not to add the seeds.  Also remove the garlic flesh from the skin and throw them in the pot.

Add salt and pepper and blast to get a soup consistency.

Put it all back in the pot and put the pot on the stove on a low heat. Add the wine and beef stock and simmer away as long as you can – 2 hours normally works well. You can add more stock/wine along the way if you like. The longer you have it simmering away the more fuller, deeper the flavour is. I also keep my Parmesan rind and add these in if you wish (optional).

When you have half an hour to go add all your fresh herbs and taste, season again with salt and pepper if need be.

Then serve over any type of pasta and wine. Don’t forget the wine, if you haven’t already drunk the bottle!

Feel free to leave me a comment and your thoughts!

I was so excited to eat this and slightly drunk, I forgot to take a photo of the finished product! Sorry.


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