Infused Pear and Cinnamon Vodka – Sous- Vide

If you have had a little scroll through my site, by now you would know I love booze and food. I recently got a sous-vide and have been having lots of fun experimenting with deliciously cooked meats and now today vodka!

This was easy to make and tastes oh so yummy.

Ingredients:Pears – 4Cinnamon Sick – Half of 1Vodka – (I drink Absoult)


You’ll need a glass jar. Cut your Pairs in half and place them into the jar with how ever much vodka you wish to use. (Don’t put the cinnamon stick in the sous-vide, wait until after you have cooked it)

Put the lid on tightly and place it into your hot water.

I had my sous-vide on 68.3 Celsius ( 155 F) for an hour and a half.

IMG_7457After the time was up. I took my jar out and let it cool slightly before I opened it.

Then pop your cinnamon stick in the vodka (the cinnamon is really potent, so don’t put it in the jar until the end) I made this mistake and fucking ended up with just cinnamon vodka, as you couldn’t taste the pear!

Place the jar into cold water. Please make sure the jar is cooled as it can shatter when the hot glass combines with the cold water.

After half an hour, strain through a linen cloth and serve chilled with soda water!





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