Nutella and Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta with Oreo Topping

This shit is wickity wickity wack! It looks super impressive and can be prepped ahead of time (always a winner when having people over for dinner).

You can add whatever toppings you want. I do suggest making these in small glasses, as it is really decadent. I put these on a plate and add strawberries just to cut through the sweetness. Enjoy!

Nutella layer:
Powdered Gelatin – 1 tsp
Cold water – 1 ½ tbs
Thickened Cream – 1 cup (250ml
Caster Sugar- 25g
Nutella – 1 cup

Vanilla layer:
Powdered Gelatin – 1 tsp
Cold water – 1 ½ tbs
Thickened Cream – 1 cup (250ml
Caster Sugar- 25g
Vanilla Bean Paste – ¼ tsp

This is a really fun recipe to make! I made a donut looking holder out of foil to rest the glass in, so you get the lean.

First make the Nutella layer. In a pouring jug, sprinkle the gelatin over the water and let it set, this should only take a few minutes. In a saucepan over low heat, warm the cream and stir in the sugar. Once the sugar has dissolved, stir in the Nutella. Make sure you don’t let the cream boil. Pour the gelatin into the cream mixture and mix well to ensure all the gelatin has broken up. Take it off the heat the minute it breaks up.

Pour the mixture in small glasses. Pop your glass into the fridge and let it sit in the foil donut so it gets the lean. Let it set for about 2 hours.

To make the vanilla layer, follow the instructions again but instead of adding Nutella add the vanilla bean paste. Make sure the Vanilla mixture is completely cool before poring it on top of the Nutella. Pop it back in the fridge in the foil donut and leave for a couple of hours to set completely.

Top with whatever you wish; Oreo, mint chocolate, strawberries (if you don’t want them on the side of the plate), kiwi or white chocolate. The world is your oyster!



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