Sous-Vide Easy Pesto and Bruschetta Chicken

This is ridiculously easy to prep and even easier to cook!


I mentioned before I bulk buy my chicken (free range always), I make up some bags and pop my chicken in with whatever marinades I desire.

Tonight I grabbed the Pesto and Bruschetta chicken from the fridge and popped them in the sous-vide. 2 hours later they were cooked perfectly, super juicy and flavoursome! (If you don’t have a sous-vide it’s definitely worth the investment as it has freed up so much time in the kitchen and I don’t need to worry about what I’m cooking every night. While the chicken is cooking away, I just get my veggies going and then i pop the chicken in the pan when it’s done for a light sear and straight onto the plate.

My pesto chicken:  Cream, Pesto, Dill and Pepper in it.

Bruschetts was:  Tomato Paste, Fresh Basil Leave, Crushed Tomatoes, Pepper and Salt

I then put them in the freezer, with the top of the bag open and wait until the marinade freezes slightly so it doesn’t get sucked up into the machine. When the marinade is firm, I vacuum seal them and pop them into the freezer ready to grab out and dump into the sous-vide. Super easy and delicious. The flavours are really intense as the chicken is vacuum sealed and then cooked at a low temp in it’s own juices and the marinade.

– more info here about the sous-vide

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