Garlic and Lemon No Shit Aioli

Whole lotta love for the condiments!

Gotta love some homemade aioli, I’m actually a huge fan of condiments but I know how shit they are for me so I try and stay away from them. This is pretty hard to do most of the time, I mean come on, who doesn’t love that little extra saucy goodness on their plate.

Here is my simple, no shit aioli:

Egg Yokes – 4
Garlic – 2 Cloves
Extra Virgin Olive Oli – 1 cup
Squeeze of Lemon – 1 half
Salt – 2 Pinches
Honey – I used a small, but up to you how sweet you like it


Just add your egg yokes and garlic to a food processor – or small handheld mixer
Mix until combined then add your oil as you are still mixing your egg yokes. When it has combined and it a desired consistency. Add your lemon, salt and honey and Bobs your Uncle smooth no shit aoili. If you like yours a bit thicker, just add another egg yoke and mix. You can mix up your flavours and add chili, pepper or limes whatever your little heart or should I say stomach desires.


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