Sous Vide Cooking – If You Don’t Know (Now You Know)

 Perfectly Cooked Food Every Fucking Time

This post is some info on the sous-vide and how I use it!

I am obsessed with my sous-vide. I purchased the Anova with Wifi. I read that people leave their veg or meat (in ice) ready to go in the morning and turn their sous-vide on at lunch and have it cooked when they get home from work. I have not tried this yet but I like the idea.

If you don’t know much about sous – vide cooking, it’s putting your food in a sealed bag and putting it in water.  The water is heated to a certain low temp and when the food has reached its internal temp, you take it out and it’s cooked perfectly!

Anova have an app, so you just pick what you are cooking from the app and how you like it cooked, rare, medium rare and so forth and it will automatically set the timer and temp for you. You just pop your food into the water and off it goes!

I have been loving vacuum sealing my food as well. Everything is so fresh, never mind the marinate really seeps into the food. I added one rosemary stick to some chicken the first time I tried it and the flavour was really intense. It was bloody delicious. I purchased the Luvele Supreme Vacuum Sealer  – worth the investment.

(Hot Tip) If you fucking love an espresso martini like myself, vacuum sealing your beans keeps them fresher for longer.

Cooking with the sous-vide is so easy, especially with chicken and meat. I bulk buy free-range chicken and put them into a bag with whatever herbs or sauces that tickle my fancy. Pop them into the freezer to harden slightly (if you have a wet sauce) and then vacuum seal, back in the freezer ready for when you need them. Instant perfectly cooked dinner without any hassle.

So far with chicken we have done; cheddar and quince paste, BBQ, cream and pesto and bruschetta.  I’ve read conflicting reports about garlic, some people say not to add garlic due to the development of botulism, while others say it can’t grow at those temps. At the moment I’m airing on the side of caution, until I do more research i’m not going to including it.

Also making mince burgers and sealing them in the bag is super easy as well. As I did last night. I have a freezer FULL of amazing food (Bolognese, pulled pork, marinated chicken) that I only need to put into a pot of water and it’s cooked perfectly every time!

I’ll post more pics and recipes of my sous- vide because well, it’s my website and that’s what I want to do!

  • I have no affiliation with Avona or Luvele, they’re just shit hot!IMG_6534.JPG

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