Cheese Cheese Glorious Cheese

This year I participated in a Cheese Making Course. (Master Cheese Maker right here – or so my certificate said)

It was really fucking cool learning how to make cheese. We made 7 different cheeses over two days! It was pretty intense. We made Cheddar, Camembert, Persian Feta, Quark, Fresh Mozzarella, Chabichou and Greek Marinated Feta.

My husband purchased this as a gift for me for my birthday. We went as a couple, poor guy, and he had to injure two full days of cooking. I was in my element and he took one for the team. Although by the end of it, he was extremely impressed with his cheese making abilities.

If cheese is your thang, it’s definitely worth doing a course. Plus you get to keep all the cheese you made at the end and try other cheeses, we had Whisky Smoked Cheddar, Merlot Cheddar, Bourbon and Maple Feta and Ashed Feta – awesome.

It’s been pretty sweet eating all the cheese we made, although we have been burning through a lot of wine (I mean you can’t have cheese without wine).

I’m going to make Cheddar from home next week and hope to recreate the red wine cheddar, so wish me luck.

- This is who we did the course through if your interested.

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